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Do not reply

If you receive a letter that looks like this in the mail, the best thing you can do is throw it in the trash! I’ve received questions from a few people wondering if they need to pay this “bill” – the answer is no! This is a dishonest marketing tactic used to try to get…

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spotlight | Alberta Limousin Association

In a way, the Alberta Limousin Association was the catalyst for me pursuing a career in design. I was always creative, but at the Western Canadian Junior Limousin shows I discovered that not only did I love creating ad layouts, but I also had the skills to win in the marketing competitions – totally mind-blowing…

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spotlight | The Feel Good Network

This is by far one of the most fun¬†projects I have worked on. “The Feel Good Network” is a one woman show with just one mission – to improve lives through laughter. The first time I met with Camilla (the woman behind The Feel Good Network) to discuss building a website, what should have been…

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announcement | Wild Horse Greetings

UPDATE 2020 Wild Horse Greetings have been brought under my main website instead of being a separate entity. Same fun cards, but you’ll now find Connie Bablitz Designs on the back instead of the Wild Horse logo. Check them out in the Shop.   This little project is something I had been thinking about for…

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Sure, I can do that!

  With the municipal elections going on throughout Alberta this past fall, I was approached by a local candidate about putting together some promotions for his campaign. In addition to brochures, he wanted a large quantity of signs to put up throughout the division.   Although I have designed plenty of signs in the past,…

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spotlight | Country Girl Stitches

    I’ve been waiting a long time to finally be able to share this project with the world!! I first worked with Country Girl Stitches on creating some very cool kraft paper business cards a few years ago. I loved that this small business was open to creative solutions – so when the opportunity…

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