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Wedding Activity Book

There are so many things I've missed over the past year, but one of the biggest is getting together for celebrations! There's nothing like getting all of your favorite people together in one spot to tell stories and laugh and dance and just have a great time, and weddings are one of the best places to share that kind of experience!

Years ago when I got married, my whole goal was to make it as fun of an event as possible, and one of the little details I put together was an activity book to keep all of the younger kids entertained while they waited for supper and sat through speeches.

With things starting to open up and wedding season hopefully coming back soon, I'm offering an updated version of my Wedding Activity Book for free!

This 8 page booklet includes coloring pages, and lots of fun activities - and the best part is you can print it yourself.

To use the file:

  • Download and save the PDF file from the link below
  • Open the PDF in Acrobat, and fill in the happy couple's name on the first page
  • Print it double sided in black ink (flip on short edge)
  • Fold it up, hand it out with crayons, and let the kids (or adults if they choose) have fun with it!

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