spotlight | Alberta Limousin Association

In a way, the Alberta Limousin Association was the catalyst for me pursuing a career in design. I was always creative, but at the Western Canadian Junior Limousin shows I discovered that not only did I love creating ad layouts, but I also had the skills to win in the marketing competitions - totally mind-blowing for a shy kid who always felt like the underdog, and had no idea that "graphic designer" was even a career I could pursue.

It was many years later that my work with the ALA began on an informal basis - family and friends on the board asked for assistance with some small ads or promo materials for events. But then when I graduated from design school, they became one of my first paying clients when I took over their calendar design in 2012.

Since then, I've continued to work with the ALA, and my projects with them truly showcase my full range of services - from a complete redesign of their logo, to a new responsive website, and most recently I had the honour of putting together a calendar to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Limousin cattle breed in Canada.


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